Trey Songz – Chapter V [Deluxe Version] (Album)

Trey Songz   Chapter V [Deluxe Version] (Album)

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‘Chapter V’ Is a Album by Trey Songz.
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1. Chapter V
2. Dive In
3. Panty Wetter
4. Heart Attack
5. Playin’ Hard
6. 2 Reasons (feat. T.I.)
7. Hail Mary (feat. Young Jeezy & Lil Wayne)
8. Don’t Be Scared (feat. Rick Ross)
9. Pretty Girl’s Lie
10. Bad Decisions
11. Forever Yours
12. Inside Interlewd
13. Fumble
14. Without a Woman
15. Interlude4U
16. Simply Amazing
17. Never Again
18. Check Me Out (feat. Meek Mill & Diddy)
19. Ladies Go Wild (Bonus Track)
20. Almost Lose It (Bonus Track)

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